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A Toolbook for Quality Improvement and Problem Solving (contents)

A Framework for Process Improvement: 6. Implement

The Quality Toolbook > Applications for Tools > Framework for Process Improvement > 6. Implement

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This is the overall process:



Fig. 1. The overall process


Once the solution to fix the key causes of the identified problems is selected, it can then be put into effect. Note that the solution is still on trial until it is proven to work in practice, and in higher risk situations the implementation may be done in carefully reviewed stages.

Activities in this stage may include:

  • Obtaining authority to implement the solution.
  • Training people on the changes made.
  • Changing documentation.
  • Ensuring that the solution implemented is as planned.
  • Using measurements (as identified in stage 2) to identify the real improvements.
  • Measuring related processes, to ensure that they are not adversely affected.

It may seem unnecessary to recheck the solution, but in practice it is not uncommon for changes that work well under artificial test conditions to cause problems when put into more general use. This measurement also gives the real proof that the solution really works and enables the actual benefits gained to be identified.

Tools that may be used in the Implement stage are described on the Tools for the Implement stage page in the Tool Finder.


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