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Quality Knowledge

Welcome to the Quality Knowledge site where you will find many useful tools and articles about quality and quality improvement. All free.

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The Quality Toolbook

I wrote a book called 'A Toolbook for Quality Improvement and Problem Solving' that described many tools in great detail. The book is now out of print, so I have converted the entire 400+ pages in the book to hypertext-linked web pages.

Tools of the Trade

I have written a 'Tools of the Trade' column in the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) journal Quality World since the mid-1990s. The full text of all articles are now available here.

The Quality Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia is a long set of descriptions of many of the items around quality and improvement. It also acts as a index into the Toolbook and Tools of the Trade.

Quality and Business Articles

These are a set of articles that I have written over a number of years. Some have been published in Quality World and others are written just for this website.


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