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A Suffolk Break

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In October 2007 we took a couple of days out to visit parts of Suffolk. We found Abbey House (M), a brilliant country house B&B in Alastair Sawday's book, in Monk Soham (W,M), deep in the Suffolk countryside (here's their website).

On the way there, on Friday, we stopped in Sudbury (W,M), a friendly market town with a great caff with delicious soup just past Gainsborough's house. From there we went to Melford Hall (W,M), which looked nice but which was closed and so on to 'Historic Lavenham' (W,M), which has more half-timbered houses per square metre than most places, including a wonky house and other nice stuff to photograph. Got to B&B and walked eight miles to and from pub for evening meal -- the Victoria (M) in Earl Soham (W,M) does its own ale and lovely grub.

Saturday, we headed down to Framlingham (W,M) and Framlingham Castle (W,M), with nice wall walk and interesting history. From there to fashionable Aldeburgh (W,M), with crowded famous chippie and seagulls on the relaxed sea front with shingle beach and wheeling birds.

Then via ruined Leiston Abbey (W,M) and Saxtead Green Post Mill (W,M) to Southwold (W,M). Strolled along its splendid pier (W,M) with wonderful quantum tunnelling telescope at the end (see this sign, and this one). Pier also houses hilarious slot machine arcade, including the Micro Break instant holiday, the Gene Forecaster, the Auto-frisk to feel you up and the Quick-Fit easy exerciser. Went to caff where I was seduced by hot Marmite drink. Then strolled along the prom, complete with naff beach huts (M).

Finally back to B&B and walked 4 miles to pub and back again.

Sunday it was rainy, but never mind, we headed home first via Eye (W,M), with it's small but friendly castle mound (W,M) with nice view over the church.

Then on to the delightful Bury St. Edmunds (W,M), with its huge ruined abbey (W,M). Did experimental retro pic of Eleri in her drover's coat.

Last stop was the Tudor brick Melford Hall (W,M), a favourite haunt of Beatrix Potter, which has a wonderful stained-glass window of Elizabeth I.

Then grind around the dreaded M25 (W), thankfully without incident, and back home (M).



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